The Lesser (more attractive?) of Two Weevils?


A candidate for President of the United States went on stage last night and defended his practice of not paying people for the work they’ve done because A) It’s good business and B) Because maybe he wasn’t’ satisfied. He also stated that “not paying taxes” was good business. That’s pretty weevil. On the flip side, it’s a legitimate out if you go to Vegas. Stay at Trump Towers then refuse to pay. It’s just business.

Across the stage from this spray tanned symbol of epic douchebaggery, it turns out, wasn’t a weevil at all but a woman. We know it’s a woman because Fox News’ own Brit Hume noted that she was “composed, smug sometimes, not necessarily attractive.” Because attractiveness is a very important quality in a candidate for POTUS, but only if you’re a woman.

That doesn’t really seem fair.

If we have to hear whether or not Hillary pumps up Brit Hume’s chubby, shouldn’t we also hear where The Donald’s tiny fingers rate on Ann Coulter’s Moist-O-Meter?

Pretty sure I’m not going to sway anybody one way or another. Either you’re voting for Hillary, or you’re a troglodyte. Keep in mind that if you’re voting for Trump you’re statistically far likelier to have to look up the definition of “troglodyte”. Because Trump supporters are dumb.


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